“And the truth shall set you free.”

The Bible, John 8:32

Health (HIPAA Compliant) Data Collection and Monitoring with AI

TRACK your loved ones’ ADVERSE VITAL (Progammable) symptoms instantly on your smartphone

AI/ML for Just-in-Time Interventions using ADVERSE events Data - GET PEACE OF MIND

DATA, DATA, and more DATA is the only true truth that can lead to better health for you and your loved ones. SmartPPE.AI through its AI/ML patent-pending technology, will not only allow for REAL-TIME tracking of Out patient Procedures including Surgery but also provides for a Probability of worsening health conditions over time and alerts you and your physician, for BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMES

Track Adverse VITAL symptoms instantly

KNOW if you have potential ADVERSE health issues! Track your loved ones’ VITAL symptoms instantly on your smartphone using our sensors and take corrective actions…

your personal ai nurse assistant

Patients can capture their viral symptoms data such as Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Oxygen levels, Pulse, etc., from the SmartPPE Supported Devices via Bluetooth, and displays on your mobile device instantly. a Part of FREE mobile App offering.
And when more than 3 days' worth of data is captured for the person registered, our AI. ML engine provides a probability of your potential ‘Adverse Event Preventive Measures’ so you can experience better HEALTH outcomes. Requires Separate Subscription
(Coming Soon)