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What is SmartPPE FLEX?

"UV Disinfectant Device"

(Patent Pending)

"Digital Health Solutions"

Capture Viral Symptoms Data





"Digital Health Solutions"

Track VIRAL Symptoms Instantly

Track VIRAL Symptoms Instantly

SmartPPE Mobile App

Where and How to Use it?

Simple.. Use in the Car, at Home, While Travelling, in the Office and of course in health settings”

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About Our Product

How it works?

Just place STUFF inside the device, turning on the device automatically for 1-2minutes. And then you can use the STUFF knowing it’s GERM free

How to Disinfect?

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How to Check COVID-19?

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VIRUS Infection Diagnosis

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emergency Travel charger

SmarttPPE.ai - Flex

It also Charges your smart phone