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Programmable Adverse Health DETECTION! “ “ Always On” 24/7
SmartBrace Apple Watch
Triggers adverse Health Events and Activates AI Sentinel

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Protection for Geriatrics (Immunocompromised)

JUST - in - TIME Voice Screening for Adverse Events... INSTANT Care!
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Personal ‘Virtual Nurse Sentinel’ watching out for you!
AI Semtinel JUST-In-TIME Health Screening for Immediate Care

What are SmartPPE’s?

"Health Monitoring Wearables"

(Patent Pending)

Wearable Glove

(For your dominant hand)
"Always On! Saves Lives"
(For your dominant hand)

"Always On! Saves Lives"

DISINFECT anything
you TOUCH, GRAB or HOLD…& Capture Viral Symptoms INSTANTLY

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Wearable Mitten

Wearable Mitten

(Use at home or traveling)

The Glove

The Mitten

DISINFECTANT Anything Anywhere In many Daily-Life settings & Capture Viral Symptoms INSTANTLY with this

WEAR it easily under the latex Gloves and be CDC complaint. – DISINFECT Anything Anywhere.

Upto 50% OFF

(For the First 1000)

Wearable Glove Video

With Instant HEALTH MONITORING solutions

" Health Monitoring Solutions"

Track VIRAL Symptoms Instantly

Track VIRAL Symptoms Instantly

SmartPPE Mobile App

Virtual AI Assistant

GET ‘PREDICTIVE INSIGHTS’ on your personalized health & VIRAL INFECTIONS

(Requires Subscription)

Where can I use SmartPPE’s?

Anywhere and Everywhere… In Healthcare NURSE Settings, in the CAR, at HOME, Traveling in the AIR, or in the OFFICE

What People Say

How GLOVE Works?

Just wear GLOVE (Right or Left) for your dominant hand and use it in your daily life; Automatically disinfect anything you touch grab or hold…

Get instant readings of your Temperature and Blood Oxygen Levels on your phone constantly…

How to Disinfect?

How to check for Pandemics?

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“Virtual AI Assistant"

(Requires Subscription / Coming Soon)

VIRUS Infection Diagnosis

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